Injuries and Conditions we can treat

At Physio K, all problems of the movement system can be treated. 

Here are some of the most common injuries or conditions we are qualified to treat:

>  Muscle and Tendon Pain

>  Sports Injuries

Elbow pain

Tennis elbow / golfers elbow

These terms refer to tightness and pain of the tendons on either side of the elbow. The extensor muscles and tendons of the forearm, who are responsible for extension of the wrist can get inflamed (tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis). The same can happen with the flexors, the muscles on the inside of the elbow. Overuse can result in stiffness in that area and/or weakness in the hand or fingers (medial epicondylitis).



  • Pain and/or tenderness around the elbow and lower arm

  • Weakness in the hand and fingers

  • Radiating pain in the upper arm

  • Swelling around the elbow


The symptoms are either a result of an overuse injury (labour intensive work such as gardening, painting or gyprocking) or a result from a problem in another area of the body. When there’s a problem in the mid back or the neck, sometimes the body compensates, and the arm pain is a result of that.

Elbow pain Treatment

We first need to search for the cause of the problems, before an accurate treatment plan can be made. Is the origin of the problem where the pain is felt? 

Fascia treatment in different areas of the body will mostly be combined with stretching, education, strengthening exercises and dry needling.

Watch a video with elbow exercises

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