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Best remedial massage in Bondi Junction - Why our massage stands out from the rest!

‘Massage’ is sometimes a very broadly used term, which means not everyone understands the difference between a spa/relaxation massage and a sport/remedial massage. There is a significant amount of training and specific qualification required to practice as a Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist.

Sport and Remedial Massage both focus on specific areas of the body with the aim to relieve pain and increase mobility and functionality. It is a very safe form of treatment that can provide excellent results for both acute and chronic conditions and injuries.


Many athletes and sports people use sport and remedial massage to keep niggles at bay during training and pre/post competition. Our Massage Therapist has extensive experience in treating athletes and sports people of all ages and abilities, using sports massage and dry needling to help with recovery and maintain their physical capabilities throughout training and competing. Aside from athletes, the general population also benefit immensely from remedial massage; whether it be to help you complete a sporting activity, a marathon or to help relieve pain that then allows you to continue your active daily living tasks without discomfort. 

By using Dry needling in combination with sports massage we can treat multiple areas of the body efficiently to treat both the pain and the cause. If you are recovering from a more serious injury, sports massage can be a great complimentary treatment to your physiotherapy. Once back to full activity, regular dry needling and sports massage is an effective way to stay on top of any niggles that may arise once increasing your volume and intensity.


At Physio K, our therapists are experienced with a background in Sports Therapy, we have deep knowledge and understanding of human anatomy, more specifically musculoskeletal anatomy, meaning we know exactly where your muscles run throughout the body and what they do. This allows us to not only focus on treating the painful area with a variety of techniques but also perform specific movement assessments, enabling us to be more specific when treating the problematic soft tissue. 


Alongside the hands on treatment, we believe that movement is key, so exercises will also be taught and encouraged, where appropriate. 

A variety of techniques are incorporated, such as:


  • Trigger point therapy which involves using pressure to ‘deactivate’ sensitive points in muscle fibres. Trigger points can cause referred pain into different areas of the body meaning it is not always the tissues in the painful area that are responsible for the pain.


  • Dry needling helps to release trigger points and areas of tension in a muscle, this is a great form of treatment to be used in conjunction with massage, especially for those deeper problematic areas.


  • Active release techniques involve using massage and pressure on the soft tissues alongside movement, a favourable technique in helping people regain range of movement that has been restricted due to soft tissue issues.


  • Myofascial release looks at the body as a whole. Fascia is connective tissue that runs throughout the entire body. Working on the areas around the pain allows these tissues to be ‘stretched’ and mobilised and in turn reducing pain and increasing mobility


These techniques are applied depending on the specific needs of each individual. Having all these at our disposal and utilising all these techniques individually or alongside each other enables us to get the best results for you as the patient.

Upper Back Massage

Bondi Junction, Eastern suburbs, Sydney

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