What can I expect from my treatment?

  • History

The treatment actually starts before you enter the clinic. We will send you an email with a questionnaire about the history of your problems. This will help the practitioner a lot and will save time for more assessment and treatment in your first session. At your actual appointment, we will then check the form and most likely ask a few more questions to get all the information about your current history. From here, we will do a complete assessment to find out what the issue is and start with hands-on treatment. 


  • What does the assessment involve?


We will need to have a look at how you move and where the problems are. It is advisable that you wear comfortable clothes and come with either shorts if the problem is in the low back and/or legs or wear a singlet if it is an upper body issue. Don’t worry if you don’t have shorts, the clinic will have a spare pair. 

The physiotherapist will observe your movements in standing, sitting or lying. We may do some compression or stretch tests and will palpate the tissues to evaluate what is happening in the body. 


  • Which treatment methods are used?


We use a wide range of treatments to help you with your issues. These include, but are not limited to: 


  • Soft tissue work and massage

  • Fascia treatment

  • Trigger point treatment

  • Stretching

  • Traction and translations of the joints

  • Mobilisations and manipulation

  • Dry needling

  • Education and postural correction

  • Exercise prescription


The treatment will always consist of a variety of techniques to tailor the treatment to your specific needs

  • Treatment effects


You will generally feel better after the treatment, but stiffness afterwards is not unusual. Definitely after dry needling, it is quite common to feel some tightness. This normally disappears after 24 to 48 hours. 


  • How will the follow up treatments work?


At the end of the first treatment, we will develop a treatment plan tailored for you. We will have a quick chat about the progress and do a short assessment in the subsequent treatment. Follow up sessions will then be focussing on the ongoing treatment. 


  • How many treatments will I need?


This will vary greatly depending on several factors: the cause and severity of the issue, how long have you had the symptoms, your age, fitness level and lifestyle and how good you are with following the treatment plan. 

We will give you an estimation based on all these factors and will re-evaluate at every session to see where you are in the progress. 

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