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Chiropractor Bondi Junction


At Physio K, all problems of the movement system can be treated.

Here are some of the most common injuries or conditions we are qualified to treat:

Post Operative Rehabilitation

To regain your strength, flexibility and functional fitness after an orthopaedic surgery, it will be essential to get specific physiotherapy treatment. To ensure optimal recovery and to avoid compensation patterns in the future, a tailored treatment plan will be offered to you.

At Physio K, we are experienced in post operative rehabilitation to get you back to what you love.

Types of post operative physiotherapy we see often and can help you with:

- Neck and back physio after surgery (e.g. laminectomy, discectomy, spinal fusion or scoliosis surgery)

- Shoulder physio after surgery (e.g. rotator cuff surgery, shoulder reconstructions, SLAP tear repairs, tendon surgery, frozen shoulder surgery or capsulotomy, acromioplasty, etc...)

- Elbow physio after surgery (e.g. Tennis elbow or golfers elbow release, fractures or physio after immobilisation)

- Hand and wrist physio after surgery (e.g. Carpal tunnel surgery, tendon repairs or fractures)

- Hip physio after surgery (e.g. Arthroscopy or THP (total hip replacement), PHR (partial hip replacement), labral tear surgery, repair from fractures)

- Knee physio after surgery (e.g. meniscectomy, total or partial knee replacements, ligament surgery (ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL), arthroscopy or after fractures or immobilisation)

- Ankle and foot physio after surgery (e.g. Arthroscopy, ligament and tendon repairs, sports injury surgery or plantar fasciitis release)

- Physio after muscle and tendon repairs.

Our physiotherapists will explain precautions and limitations related to your surgery and they will prescribe specific exercises to improve your mobility, strength and control of movements.

Our team will monitor your progress and guide you through your recovery.

At Physio K, you’ll get specific individualised treatment. Our goal is to help you to regain your mobility, flexibility, strength, exercise tolerance and movement in order to return to all the activities you enjoy doing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would have any questions regarding your rehab or treatments.

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