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At Physio K, all problems of the movement system can be treated.

Here are some of the most common injuries or conditions we are qualified to treat:

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Let’s start with giving a bit of context around a common misbelief: ‘we should all sit / stand in a certain way’.

Everyone is shaped slightly differently due to genetic or anatomic variations. Different forces to our bodies due to sports, hobbies, or jobs that require specific movements or positions that are advantageous to that task will contribute to differences in our individual alignments. This is normal and no one has ‘perfect alignment’ or posture because it doesn’t exist!

It is impossible to objectively measure ‘perfect’ posture because there is a lot of normal variation among different individuals.

"Posture is the current position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting"

If you don't move for a while, the nervous system will eventually remind you (through some discomfort) that you need to change positions or get moving.

Biomechanically speaking, you will probably be able to tolerate certain positions for longer, as the sustained load to specific tissues of the body will be greater in some postures and less in others. But, some tissues may be loaded more in what you might think of as "poor" posture while others may be loaded more in what you think of as "good" posture.

Listening to your body and spending more time moving around and switching positions rather than staying in one position for long periods is key to a healthy movement system. Even slight changes make a big difference!

Slumped positions:

Most people will have the slumped sitting or standing position in mind when thinking of ‘bad posture’:

Bad posture correction

Sloughed through the lower back, a curved upper back and a forward head posture to try to see what’s ahead of us.

To get into a better sitting position, we should start with the base of the spine, which is the pelvis. An anterior tilt of the pelvis will help a lot with correcting everything atop of it.

At Physio K, we can teach you how small changes make a big difference!

Bad posture exercises

Watch the video about posture correction exercises.