Nerve rehab arm exercises

In the above video, Kenny from Physio K runs you through 2 specific exercises for nerve rehab in the neck, arms and shoulders. Disc bulges in the cervical spine (neck) or hernias often create sensations like tingling, pins and needles or numbness down the arm. The worse the irritation in the neck, the further you’ll feel the symptoms down the arm.

These exercises are great in addition to the treatment for these issues:

1. Median nerve glide

You can do this sitting down or standing up. Lift up 1 arm and bend your elbow with your palm facing you and your fingers pointing to the ceiling. Always looking forward; try to extend the elbow and in the meantime side bend your head in the same direction.

Imagine that there's a string attached between the palm of your wrist and your head, so when your hand is going out, your head is following and vice versa. Make sure your wrist stays in the same position.

You might feel a slight tingle or a slight bit of sensation in your hand, which is fine, but if you feel pain then you should stop. Try to do 10 or 15 of those gliding exercises each time and a few times per day.

2. Nerve slider

Start with standing up and hold a stick in your hands (a broomstick will do). Hold the stick about shoulder-width apart and start with the stick behind our head. Then, extend your elbows, push the stick up towards the ceiling and at the same time bend your wrists forward. Coming down will be the opposite: bending the elbows and bend your wrists backward. Make sure you keep your elbows pointed forwards, try not to let them flare out. Do this for about 10 to 15 times and if possible multiple times a day.