Thoracic kyphosis exercises

In the above video, Kenny from Physio K shows you some exercises to improve thoracic mobility, which is the mobility in the middle of your back. These are especially good if you have a big thoracic kyphosis, which is a big forward bend in the middle of your back, and also if you have stiffness in that area. These exercises will improve your mobility and will also be good for strengthening.

1. Cat cow exercise

On your hands and knees, in all four position, making sure that your hips are above your knees and your hands are underneath your shoulders. Try to tilt your pelvis forward and backwards. We're going to focus on the middle back, so when you tilt your pelvis forward, you'll push the middle of your back down and you look up towards the ceiling.Then you’ll change the direction, tilting your pelvis backwards and push the midpoint of your mid back up towards the ceiling and you'll look down. Do this for about a minute: 20 to 30 times and

if possible multiple times a day.

2. Prone lateral raise

Lay on your tummy and have your arms at 90˚ abduction. Try to lift your arms up and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold for about 10 seconds and then go down again and you can rest your arms on the floor. Try to do this for about 20 times and if possible 3 sets. If this is too easy without any weights, you can use small weights in

each hand, you can go from 1 kilo, I wouldn't go too high, we're focusing on endurance. Make sure you focus on squeezing your shoulder blades.

3. Front raise thumbs up

Laying on your tummy on a mat, keep your forehead on a small towel and raise your arms forward. Make sure that your thumbs are up towards the ceiling. Lift up your arms without bending your elbows. Hold that for five seconds and then go down again. This is a tough one. Do this one about 10 to 15 times and if possible 3 sets.

If it would be too easy, you can use some weights as well, about one to three kilograms in each hand.