Shoulder strengthening exercises

In the above video, Anthony from Physio K runs you through a shoulder strengthening program, targeted specifically if you have any shoulder pain or weakness within your shoulder.

These are the 3 exercises we would recommend:

1 . Rotator cuff strengthening exercise: external rotation

To perform this one, you're going to start by holding a theraband in your hand, making a nice fist, pointing up at the roof and keeping your elbow nice and close to your side. You're going to gently rotate your arm outwards, stopping at about 30 to 45 degrees.

For this exercise we're looking to engage that rotator cuff, so we want to make sure that there's tension on the theraband the entire time and we're looking at repeating this for 10 reps and repeating that three times.

2. Rotator cuff strengthening exercise: internal rotation

This exercise is very similar; the only difference is we're doing it the opposite way. So we're going to have you holding it in that same hand with the same grip and you're just going to start by pulling from outside to inside, towards the belly button.

For both of these exercises, you can have the theraband anchored on a doorknob or something roughly about this height, belly button height.

3. Straight arm pull back

For this exercise, you're going to hold a theraband in a closed fist pointing down, making sure your elbow is nice and straight as you do that. Then you're going to extend your fist so it comes straight past the hip.

All of these exercises should be performed 10 times and repeated three times.

If you have any questions or if there's anything that you're unsure about please feel free to come into the clinic for a visit or contact us.