Shoulder mobility exercises

In the above video, Kenny from Physio K runs you through an exercise program to increase the mobility of your shoulders.

1. Arm swings

This one is great in the initial stages of shoulder rehab or after shoulder surgery. Standing up and bending forward with the other (non-affected) hand and arm on a table below you. Make sure you put your body weight on that other arm, so you don't have any pressure

in your lower back.

From here we'll start swinging, try to swing your arm up and down. Imagine having a small weight in your hand, you could even have a little weight in your hand and let it swing like a pendulum up and down. Small movements are fine, try not to control the movement, just let your arm swing. Do that for about a minute.

The next one is swinging left and right for a minute and then making circles and swinging clockwise and anti-clockwise. Try to do those one minute each so that's about four minutes in total.

2. Crawling up the wall

Start with facing a wall and touch the wall with your toes and your nose. Now put one hand up against the wall about shoulder height and start crawling up with your fingers. Try to crawl as high as you can, hold for a few seconds before sliding down until the beginning position. Repeat this for about 15 times.

3. Stick exercises

With a broomstick in your hands, shoulder width apart, moving up and down behind your head. Try to extend your elbows all the way and come back down behind the head.

Then, try to make circles in the air, forward and backwards. Do this for about 10 to 15 times each.

Lastly, the most challenging one is called shoulder dislocations (don’t try this if you have dislocated your shoulder in the past). Hold the stick as wide as you can over your head and try to go backwards behind your head, keeping your elbows extended. Try to go until you touch your lower back, and then come back up. Repeat 10 to 15 times.