Middle back mobility exercises

In the above video, Kenny from Physio K runs you through some exercises to improve your thoracic spine mobility, which is the mobility of your mid back. They are good to increase the movement in that area but also to prevent issues in your neck and your shoulders down the track.

1. Cat-cow exercise

Starting on all fours position. You can do this on the floor on a mat. Make sure your hips are above your knees and your hands are under your shoulders. Start with tilting the pelvis. The pelvis is the part that's just below your lower back, so you can tilt this forward and backwards. Focus on the middle back, so when you tilt your pelvis forward, you'll push the middle of your back down and you look up towards the ceiling.Then you’ll change the direction, tilting your pelvis backwards and push the midpoint of your mid back up towards the ceiling and you'll look down. Do this for about a minute: 20 to 30 times and

if possible multiple times a day.

2. Threading the needle or thoracic rotations

In the same position as exercise 1, try to rotate your arm as far as you can and look at your hand while you do this, then come back to the beginning position and switch sides. Do this for about a minute: 20 to 30 times and if possible multiple times a day.

Try not to force this exercise.

These two exercises are the best ones to increase your thoracic mobility. Try to do them as much as you can, frequently during the day.

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