Lower back mobility exercises

In the above video, Anthony from Physio K runs you through a couple of exercises to improve your lower back pain.

1. Lumbar rocking

Laying on your back, preferably on a mat, you're going to gently bring your knees up towards your chest, wrapping your hands around and grabbing onto the front of your knees.

Now gently pulling those up closer towards your chest and letting them back out again. When you're doing this exercise, it's important to remember to relax your chest, relax your core and relax your legs. The only thing that should be doing the movement is your arms.

Do this for about two minutes and three times a day.

2. Lumbar rotations

Laying on your back, you're just going to rock your knees gently from side to side, keeping your shoulders firmly pressed against the ground as you do so. It's important to remember with these ones to do them for two minutes and three times a day.

3. Cobra into child's pose stretch

You start off on your hands and knees and start by rocking your hips down towards the floor, holding for about five to ten seconds and then coming back up again and going down into child's pose, holding for 30 seconds.

We recommend repeating these three times for each one of these exercises and we're looking at doing them three times a day.

If you have any other questions or you're unsure about any of these exercises, please feel free to come in for a clinic visit or don't hesitate to contact us.