Lower back exercises progression

In the above video, Anthony from Physio K runs you through a couple of lower back exercises that are really good if you're having pain or stiffness in that area. They are a progression of the previous exercise video, which you can find here

1. The crucifix

Laying down on a mat on the floor, you're going to start off with both of your hands out towards your side, and straighten your left leg to start off with. Bring your right one straight across, and then rock back doing the same thing the other way, straightening that outside leg and going straight over the other side. Try to do this one about 10 times each side.

2. Glute bridge

Laying on your back on a mat on the floor, you're going to have both of your knees bent; roughly your feet are going to be placed about shoulder width apart and then you're going to push down through your heels lifting your hips up off the ground making one straight line from your knees all the way through to your shoulders, and then coming back down again.

If this exercise is too easy for you to start off with, you can do it single leg, so you're going to go up with both of your legs, straighten out your left one and hold straight up and slowly bring your hips back down again.

If that again is too easy for you, we're going to have you hold 1 leg up pushing down through the heels again, lifting your hips straight up, remembering to make a straight line from your knees all the way through to your shoulders the entire time.

For this exercise, we generally recommend about three sets of ten, as it is a really good strengthening exercise for the glutes, but also a really good lower back mobilisation exercise.

3. Dead bug

Laying on a mat on the floor, you’ll start off with both of your knees bent up about 90 degrees, and raise both of your hands straight up pointing directly towards the roof. As you do this exercise, you're going to lower one hand and the opposite leg at the same time and then coming back up towards the top, interchanging them, so it's important to remember whilst you're doing this exercise: you always want to have your legs at a 90 degree angle or a perpendicular angle with the body

4. The bird dog

On your hands and knees, you're going to raise your right hand with your left leg at the same time. Now when you're doing this, it's important to remain stable through the hips and through the core, and try to avoid any rotational movement. Try to maintain a straight line straight through the back and pelvis.

For both of these last exercises, we're going to have you do them for about three sets of 10 reps.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us or come in for a clinic visit.