Hip mobility exercises with foam rolling

In the above video, Anthony from Physio K runs you through a hip mobility program, targeted at increasing the amount of movement you get out of both of your hips. He’s showing 3 exercises:

1. The 90-90 stretch.

When you perform this stretch, you start off sitting down with your feet roughly about shoulder width apart. You're going to start by dropping down the left leg and rotating the right leg out towards the side. The goal when you're doing this exercise, is to have both of your knees touching the ground at the same time, and then rotating back the opposite way, remembering to keep your hips on the ground at all times.

2. Foam rolling the front of the thighs (quadriceps)

Whether you have a foam roller at home that has spikes on it or is flat all the way around, it doesn't really matter. If you find that your one with spikes on it is a little bit too firm, you can try wrapping a towel around it to help cushion the blow.

Lay down on your tummy with the foam roller under one of your thighs. When you're doing this exercise, you can offload some of your body weight onto your other leg, so that it's a little bit more comfortable at the start, and then start by rolling from the hip all the way down to the top of that knee. The trick to do this one is nice and slow as you're working your way through it. We don't want you to rush over it, otherwise it may not get the maximum amount of effect out of it. Do this for both legs.

3. Foam rolling the inside of the thigh (adductors)

The foam roller should be tilted slightly towards the side, so it's facing your body, then bending the knee, putting it straight over the top and rolling straight through again. When you’re doing this exercise, it's important to remember that we want you to take it nice and slow and work your way through the muscle completely.

Any time you're foam rolling, we recommend that you do this for a minimum of two to three minutes. That way, you get the most out of it and it shouldn't leave you too sore afterwards.

If you have any other questions about these exercises, please don't hesitate to contact us or come in for a clinic visit!