Foot flexibility exercises

In the above video, Kenny from Physio K is explaining how you can keep your feet mobile and flexible through some specific exercises. Failing to have enough flexibility in the feet will increase the chances of having tightness higher up in the legs and even in the lower back, and can give you all sorts of injuries. The most common one in the foot is plantar fasciitis, but even calf tightness and lower back pain can be a result of a lack of flexibility in the feet.

1. Foot sole release with golf ball or massage ball

Put your foot on top of a golf ball or massage ball while standing up and apply some pressure (not full body weight, but enough pressure to feel the ball). Gently roll up and down in the area between the toes and the heel. Try to roll slowly, the slower you go the deeper you'll be able to get in that area of your foot.

If, at some point you feel like a sweet spot, you can also apply some pressure there and hold it there for between 30 and 60 seconds and then go to the next part. Do this for a few minutes, if possible a few times a day.

2. Stretch of the big toe

In all four position, bend your toes on the mat and keep them as close as possible

towards each other, and your heels close to each other as well. Now shift your body weight: go down towards the toes with your bum. You should feel a stretch in the bottom of your feet or sometimes also in the big toe. Hold for about a minute or 2 and repeat this a few times a day.