Foam rolling Glutes and TFL muscle

How to properly foam roll your Glutes and TFL (Tensor Fascia Latae muscle) - self release techniques explained by physiotherapist Kenny from Physio K.

1. Foam rolling exercises glutes

Start with sitting on a foam roller. Lean backwards and put one foot on top of the opposite knee. Now slowly roll up and down over your glutes. Try not to go too fast. The faster you go, the less deep you will go, so try to do this very slowly.

You can play around with this, you can go a little bit more on the side, a little bit more on the back. Just search for your sweet spot and try to get some release.

2. Foam rolling TFL

Turn on your side and focus on that part in between your hip bone and your pelvis and gently roll up and down while laying on your side. Same thing as in the previous exercise, do this for a few minutes on each side. The slower the better!

These are self release techniques for the stabilisers on the side around the pelvis, specifically the glutes and the TfL muscle. Try to do this multiple times per day!