Foam rolling for mid back Thoracic mobility

In the above video, Kenny from Physio K shows you a few things to increase the mobility of your mid-back, which is your thoracic spine. They will both include a foam roller.

1. Foam rolling your upper back (mid back)

For the first one, try to just lay on your back, with your upper back on a foam roller. Try to cross your arms over your chest, lift up your hips and gently roll up and down on the foam roller. Don't go too fast, you won't have any benefits if you go too fast. Try to do that for about two to three minutes.

2. Breathing on the foam roller

We are laying on the foam roller in a very similar position as exercise 1. Just try and relax your hips down on the floor and then put your arms over your head, and just try to relax in this position and just try to breathe. Take a few deep breaths in and out, and after that, you can try and move a little bit up or down on the foam roller.

These two are really good to increase your mobility in your upper back.

If you'd have any questions about these exercises, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or come in for a clinic visit.