Ankle and foot stability exercises

In the above video, Kenny from Physio K runs you through a stability exercise program for your ankle and your foot. These are particularly handy after you sprained (or rolled) your ankle or if you have ankle instability. You really should master these ones after an ankle sprain, otherwise you could have an instability for a long time. This exercise program will start off easy and will progress to more difficult exercises.

1. Standing on one foot

That's a very easy exercise. You can do that anytime: when you wait for traffic lights or when you're cooking, just stand on one foot. You can make it a little bit harder if you close your eyes. Doing that will eliminate a part of your balance system, so that will

be a little bit harder. Try to do that for a minute or longer, if possible.

2. Standing single leg with movement

Bending through your knee, up and down while standing on 1 leg is a very good progression from the first exercise. Next, moving the free leg in different directions can be used to challenge your balance system. Try to do this for a minute each time.

3. Lunges steps (forward and sideways)

Take big steps forward and then sideways: lunges. Keep your bodyweight on top of the front foot and try to keep your balance for 3 seconds before switching to the other leg. Try to do 10 repetitions each side, 3 sets.

4. Jumping lunges

Big jumps forward and sideways. This is very similar to the previous exercise, only now it requires jumps instead of steps. Start with jumping from 1 leg to the other, then switch to continuously jumping with the same leg. Try to make your foot and leg tired to improve your balance and your stability in your ankle.

These exercises are paramount to increase the stability of your foot and ankle. Really try to do them as much as you can, you should do them at least for a few weeks to a few months.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us or come into the clinic for a visit.