Injuries and Conditions we can treat

At Physio K, all problems of the movement system can be treated. 
Here are some of the most common injuries or conditions we are qualified to treat:

>  Muscle and Tendon Pain

>  Sports Injuries

Headaches treatment Bondi

Cause of headahes

Headaches can result due to a variety of reasons including stress, poor posture, accidents, medications, etc. Neck pain is another common cause of headaches and specific physiotherapy treatment can be very effective in the treatment of this condition.

A cervicogenic headache, also referred to as cervical headache or migraine, is a headache caused by a disorder of the neck and related structures. These headaches are often associated with neck pain. These headaches can present themselves on one side, can fluctuate in frequency and intensity (sometimes the pain is constant) and the pain often begins in the neck and then spreads to other areas of the head

Headache Treatment

At Physio K, you will get a thorough physical examination. Once we know the cause of the symptoms, we can help you with a specific treatment plan to get rid of your headaches asap!

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