Kenny from Physio K runs you through 3 simple and efficient exercises to relieve lower back pain and to improve your lower back mobility. 


     1. Cat cow exercise


On your hands and knees, in all four position, making sure that your hips are above your knees and your hands are underneath your shoulders. Try to tilt your pelvis forward and backwards. We're going to focus on the lower back, imagining tucking a tail in between your legs and then putting your tail up in the air. The curved up position is a bit like how a cat is rounding its back and the opposite, curved down position, is similar to the position of a cow. Do this for about a minute: 20 to 30 times and if possible multiple times a day.


     2. Child's Pose


This is good to get a stretch in the whole spine. In all 4’s position, try to lower down your bum towards your heels as low as possible and put your arms forward as far as possible to create a stretch in the whole spine. From this position, try to focus more on the left and the right side and stay there between 25 and 30 seconds and repeat this 2 to 3 times for both sides, if possible

multiple times per day.


     3. Stretch of the  piriformis muscle


The piriformis is a muscle that's located in the pelvis, underneath the glutes. This muscle is important for your sciatic nerve health. Start with laying on your back and grab one knee with one hand and your heel with the other hand. Then, try to pull your leg across so you'll need to try and pull your knee towards your opposite shoulder, keeping your head relaxed on a pillow. Try to keep a 90 degree angle in your knee. Hold this for about 20 to 30 seconds and then relax. 


These three exercises are the best exercises for people with lower back pain without nerve irritation. To see the video for exercises for people with disc bulges or nerve irritation, click here